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istiophorus platypterus

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Guanacaste Costa Rica Fishing season for Sailfish goes from December through April. The Sailfish bite is above average year round and almost all the fish are over 100 pounds. When the fishing is good, boats can raise 10-40 Sailfish a day. When the fishing is slow, boats can raise 3-10 fish per day. The best months are normally December through April, but Sailfish are caught in good numbers all year round.

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Description: These are the easiest of all the billfish to identify. Their tall, arching dorsal fin is filled with blood vessels and is used to regulate the fish's body temperature. Its back and dorsal fin are dark blue, sides are silver, and belly is white. The visible lateral line runs from the tail to gill plate. The bill is usually twice the length of the fish's lower jaw.

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Method: Generally caught 10-30 miles out while trolling ballyhoo with circle hooks. The “bait and switch” with a teaser and pitch bait is the most popular and most fun when the fishing is hot. Sailfish can also be caught on live bait and on the fly. Always use circle hooks for Sailfish and please catch and release quickly.

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Feeding Habits: Sailfish eat Squid, Octopus, Mackerel, Mullet, Flyingfish, Needlefish, and other small fish. Although they travel in deep water, they will usually feed in mid-depths. Given the proper bait population, Sailfish can exhibit the same group hunting characteristics as White Marlin. Since the net ban, they have been spotted balling baitfish over reefs in Key West. "Balling" occurs when an number of predators herd a school of baitfish into a tight ball near the surface of the water. Two or three predator fish will keep the bait organized while the others feed from the ball.

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