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Papagayo Gulf Sportfishing Charters for Marlin

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             Guanacaste Costa Rica Sportfishing Charters for Marlin

The Papagayo Gulf Sportfishing Season for Marling goes from September through November. But…big Blue, Black and Striped Marlin are always around and the boats that target them usually have some success. You may need to go a little further offshore and fish a little harder, but Marlin fishermen are familiar with that.

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Description: A Blue Marlin has retractable fins that can be folded flat against the body even after death. The dorsal fin stands high (although it is not as tall as the fish's body-depth) and is pointed interiorly, rather than curved. It has a large anal fin and lavender stripes that appear when excited but fade after death. The lateral line is not visible in adults without removing scales. The back is dark blue and the belly is a silver/white.


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Method: Generally caught 20-50 miles out while trolling lures and/or ballyhoo with circle hooks. The “bait and switch” with teasers and pitch baits is the most popular method on the big boats. Live bait is best when you find the fish. Marlin can also be caught on the fly if the Marlin is small and you are really lucky.

Feeding habits: Marlins are voracious and not very selective eaters. They will consume most any baitfish presented to them but their preferences are Mackerel, Squid, Dolphin, and Tuna.

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