Guanacaste Costa Rica Fishing Charters

Guanacaste Fishing Season

Guanacaste Fishing species are the most popular sport fishing species in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Check them out, and remember Catch and Release !!


Papagayo Costa Rica Deep Sea Fishing Charters, Marlin

Seasons: During the season months (September, October and November are normally the best months) you will find them among 20 to 30 miles offshore.
Feeding Habits: Big Blue, Black and Striped Marlin are always around the Papagayo waters. You may need to go a little farther (30-50 miles out) and fish a little harder if you want to catch a marlin out of the season months.

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Guanacaste Costa Rica Billfish Charters, Sailfish

Seasons: When the fishing is good, each boat can raise 2 to 5 Sailfish a day. When the fishing is slow, boats can raise 1 or 2 fish per day. The best months are normally December through April, but Sailfish are caught in regular numbers all year round.
Feeding Habits: Sailfish eat Squid, Octopus, Mackerel, Mullet, Flying fish, Needlefish, and other small species. Although they travel in deep water, they will usually feed in mid-depths. Two or three predator fish will keep the bait organized while the others feed from the ball.

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Yellowfin Tuna

Papagayo Costa Rica Blue Water Fishing Charters, Yellowfin Tuna

Seasons: Truly a great tasting fish and it is the one most valued in the Tuna family. The big Tunas come and go all year long but June through September are normally the best months for 200 pounders.
Feeding Habits: Yellowfin feed on fish and invertebrates associated with sargassum. This will occur in at the water's surface in the open ocean. Foods include larval crabs and shrimps, squids, paper nautilus, flyingfish, triggerfish, and jacks.

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Guanacaste Costa Rica Fly Fishing Charters

Seasons: The Dorado fishing is above average year round. The rainy season May through October is the best time to catch the 5-15 pounders that congregate on the weed and trash lines closer inshore and in the gulf.
Feeding Habits: Many of the foods eaten by Dolphin such as small fishes, crabs, and shrimps are found in floating mats of sargassum. Feeding characteristics of mahi-mahi vary greatly. At times the Dolphin is a voracious predator that pursues and captures fast swimming fish such as flyingfish, mackerels and juvenile Dorados. On other occasions it seems content merely to nibble on small crustaceans and insects that float on the surface in the weed lines.

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Hilton Papagayo SportFishing Charters, Wahoo

Seasons: Wahoo can be a pleasant surprise anytime of the year. Not many fisherman target Wahoo, they are usually caught while fishing for something else.
Feeding Habits: More often than not, Wahoo are taken while trolling for other species, principally Tuna and Marlin. Many never make it to the boat, due to their sharp teeth. Such disappointments can be avoided by using wire leaders. Wahoo snack upon any small baitfish, sardines, flying fish, mackerel and even little tuna. They also like squid. Not much gets away from these fish when they're hungry.

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Guanacaste Costa Rica Inshore Fishing Charters, Roosterfish

Seasons: These hard hitting fish are one of my favorite. The Roosterfish bite is good year round. June through October is considered the best time but Roosterfish from 20 to 80 pounds are caught every month. The Papagayo Gulf area has some excellent spots for big Roosterfish and hold on because they are good fighters.
Feeding Habits: There is little known about the Roosterfish's eating habits. It can be assumed that their preferences are similar to that of other Jacks: small fish, crabs, etc.

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Red Snapper (Cubera)

Papagayo Costa Rica Fishing Charters, Red Snapper

Seasons: There are several different species of Snapper on the Pacific Coast. The Snapper bite is good year round. Cubera Snapper in the 50 to 80 pound range are not uncommon.
Feeding habits: They are opportunistic bottom feeders that consume a variety of shrimp, crabs and small fishes.

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