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Papagayo Fishing for Roosterfish

nematistius pectoralis

             Hilton Papagayo SportFishing for Roosterfish

The Papagayo Fishing Season for this nice looking fish goes from June through October: This hard hitting fish is one of my favorite. The Roosterfish bite is good year round. June through October is considered the best time but Roosterfish from 20 to 80 pounds are caught every month. The Papagayo Gulf has some excellent spots for big Roosterfish and hold on because they hit like a freight train.

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Description: This is probably the most easily recognized Jack. Roosterfish have 7 distinct spines that stand high above the dorsal fin when the fish is excited or threatened. There are also two long streaks that run from the fish's dorsal fin, down the sides, ending before the tail.

Hilton Papagayo Fishing Resort, Roosterfish Charters out of the Gulf of Papagayo Costa RicaMethod: Find the bait and you will find the Roosterfish. These predators are generally caught slow trolling live bait near inshore rocks, reefs and in the surf. Use a downrigger or planer to get your bait down. Roosterfish can also be caught with lures, spoons, ballyhoo rigs and on the fly.

Feeding Habits: There is little known about the Roosterfish's eating habits. It can be assumed that their preferences are similar to that of other Jacks: small fish, crabs, etc.

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